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Birch Tree Magic

Beithe (pronounced bay), Beth (beh-th), Lady of the Woods, Björk

The word Birch is derived from the Proto-Indo-European root *bherəg, meaning “to shine; bright, white”.

New Beginnings Ceremony

In the Ogham alphabet, Druid and Celtic lore, the birch tree symbolizes New Start, New Beginnings, Cleansing, Change, Purity, Vitality, Youth and Light. Call upon the energy of the Birch tree any time those characteristics are needed in life.

To bless a new home, an addition to the family, marriage, the start of a new job ~ any type of new beginnings are a wonderful opportunity to ask for Birch Blessings!

Birch Leaf & Bark Tea

Step 1. Brew a Cup of Birch Tea


Pour 8-12 oz of boiling water (212℉) over 1 tsp. each of birch bark and birch leaves (dried or fresh works), or you can use 1-2 tsp. of either, singly. 

Let steep for 5-10 minutes while covered.

Birch tea has a bright, clean, woody taste and is loveyly on its own, but you can add a bit of honey to sweeten it up if you like.

Step 2. Create a Sacred Space


Next to a beautiful birch tree is by far the best place to enjoy this ceremony. If you are like me and have no birch nearby (I am in Phoenix, AZ), then you might draw a hot bath, or create a nice space anywhere that feels good to you.

A powerful way to clear the energy of your space is to use burn the dried leaves or bark as incense. Intend that the area is cleansed of all negative, less-than-love energy.

You can decorate your space with anything that makes you smile! I used a candle holder made of birch wood and a few of my favorite crystals. 

Step 3. Call in the Energy of Birch


Get comfortable under a tree, in the bath, or wherever you’ve decided to be.

You can recite the following aloud, or silently and feel free to modify the words to make them fit your purpose.

Remember ~ always speak in present or past tense as if what you want is happening now, or has already occured!


Birch Magic for New Beginnings

“I call forth the sacred essence of the beloved Birch Tree.”

Take in three deep, cleansing breaths and imagine you are right in front of a big, beautiful birch. “See” her light, green leaves on drooping branches, “smell” her clean, woody scent, and feel her white, paper-thin bark. Maybe even mentally give her a nice, warm hug.

“Our lady of the Woods, I thank you for your gentle healing, for helping me to release what no longer serves me, and for blessing my new beginning…”

Meditate now and show her what you’d like to happen by imagining the best possible outcome as if it has already happened. The more detail and feeling you put into this visualization, the more powerful it will be!

When you are finished,

“Thank you Beithe (bey), for breathing your shimmering, bright light into my life. I am so grateful to receive your blessings upon my new beginning!”

Offer her a gift in the form of herbs, crystals, or some other organic token of gratitude and bid her farewell if you are physically next to her. If you are at home, send her one more mental hug and feelings of gratitude and put out any candles. This is a wonderful opportunity to journal about any insights you received during your visualization/meditation.


A Message from the Author


Hello Dear One, ?

It is no coincidence that you are on this page, reading these words. I have both you and the essence of the Birch tree to thank for that!

It has been my dream for over seven years now to create a website that provides a collection of valuable information on how to naturally heal yourself in body, mind and spirit. And for seven years I started, stopped, and started again – not quite sure of where, when and how to begin this great undertaking.

My name is Amy Alisa Armijo.  I am currently a student in the Western Herbalism Program founded and directed by JoAnn Sanchez, at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, Arizona. Our class received an assignment to complete an ethnobotanical project on one herb (medicinal plant), research how our ancestors used it, then use it in a similar way for ourselves.

My maiden name is Bjork, which means “Birch” in Swedish. For this reason, I have always felt a great bond with the happy tree. I chose her for my study and this is where my journey began. As I researched, I learned so many things about my family’s ancestry (which I’ll save for another post) and of the enchanting story of Beithe – the Sacred Birch, chosen as the first letter of the ancient Ogham tree alphabet. Our ancestors were so deeply connected with nature – they had a bond with the herbs, flowers and trees. They knew human life is completely dependent them – without them, there would be no “us“. A wise woman knew that she could relieve pain by using birch bark, or brew a tea with its leaves to heal kidney stones, rheumatism and gout. She knew that one could sweep away the old energy of the previous year with a birch besom (broom) so that fresh energy of the new year could come in. A wise man knew that constructing a cradle out of birch wood made a fine gift that would protect a new family member. Every Viking worth her salt knew that she should tap a Birch and drink its water at the first sign of budding each year. Birch is one of the first trees to awaken from winter slumber, and the sap/water contains a multitude of beneficial “goodies” to help human bodies recover from winter too!

The starring quality of Birch is both physical and energetic. It is its inherent and Divine ability to bring forth new beginnings. The birch is known to ecologists as a ‘Pioneer Tree’ –  it can begin the recolonization of woodlands after natural disasters. Our “Lady of the Woods” can also initiate these new beginnings for us when we call upon her energy for help! Her energy has been utilized throughout history to provide blessings for marriage, births, land, property and communities, to name a few. 

After spending a few weeks learning about this incredible, gift-giving tree, I decided to create the ceremony on this page to help me begin this website. I’ll stay vague about the problems I’ve incurred over the past few years, but I will say that mountains of technical issues were removed and I was able to easily and joyfully bring things together. And now you are reading my very first page! Where it all began…because of the Birch.

At 46 years of age, I am finally exactly where I am supposed to be, doing exactly what I am supposed to do. I am home.

So where does one start? At the beginning! Take in a nice, deep breath, call upon the essence of Birch, and ask her to help you forge a path and guide you on your magical, new journey. I hope you’ll bookmark this page and let me know how your story unfolds.


Sending Much Love & Abundant Birch blessings,

Amy A. (Bjork) Armijo


~ Cheers to all the Tinctures, Tales & Teas to come! ~

I Am Vedruss


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